Queensland Premier Campbell Newman
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman Brenda Strong

Newman to stop bikie gangs from turning Qld into 'wild west'

CRIMINAL bikie gangs watch too many Underbelly TV episodes and take so many drugs that they live outside reality, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman claimed as he promised to shut down bikie activity in this state.

The Premier, who has just returned from a trade mission in Asia, promised to increase pressure on bikies after a shooting at a Gold Coast shopping centre just a month after taking government last year but he said Friday's brawl - involving more than 50 bikies - at Broadbeach was a new turning point.

He said intruding on a family spot was concerning, but more offensive was bikies thinking they can stand outside a police station and demand someone's release.

"This is not the wild west, it is Queensland 2013," he said.

"And people like that need to take a real reality check."

Mr Newman said bikies had painted themselves as ruffians and outlaws with hearts of gold who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.

He said they were criminals and thugs dealing in drugs and prostitution.

Mr Newman called on Queenslanders to phone Crime Stoppers anonymously with any information about where bikie gangs were hiding out so police could hunt them down.

"They are sadly well and truly embedded in locations in this state but we're going to dig them out and reject them," he said.

"This is not going to be quick, it is not going to be easy.

"These people are not going to pack up and go home.

"We're not going to give up, we're in this for the long haul.

"People should not doubt our resolve or our intention to shut these gangs down in Queensland."

Mr Newman said the civil libertarians would "bleat" about tough new laws that could include banning bikies from their own clubhouses, from certain entertainment precincts and from wearing club colours in licensed venues.

But he said he was dedicated to developing the toughest anti-racketeering laws in the world.

"I acknowledge there might be some mistakes along the way, legislation will be challenged, in some cases it might be overturned, but we will keep trying," he said.

Mr Newman said his ministers also were approaching their federal counterparts about creating uniform laws governing bikie activities.

New Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan's office confirmed he was planning to meet with the Queensland Government in the next fortnight and then progressively meet with other states and territories.

He said they would discuss two policies they went to election on - establishing a national anti-gang taskforce and tightening of national unexplained wealth laws related to criminal organisations.

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