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Curtis Pitt Chris Ison

No answer on youth unemployment from Treasurer

QUEENSLAND Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the government is keen to talk to unemployed university graduates about future jobs.

But what are these jobs?

And how does that help the current youth unemployment rate?

This was not explained.

The Treasurer addressed about 300 people, including businesses and large company members as part of a Queensland Media Club function in Brisbane on Wednesday.

He was asked about numerous topics; the upcoming budget, merging power companies and presents left in government offices from LNP predecessors.

But APN got no detail when asking the Treasurer about startling youth unemployment rates in regional areas, and what he would tell the average university graduate looking for work about how the government planned to help.

Figures show youth unemployment is particularly high in places such as the Fraser Coast (20.8%), Gympie (15%), Sunshine Coast (17.1%) and Ipswich (14.9%).

Across Queensland about 12.4% of 15-24 year olds are unemployed.

In responding to the question, Mr Pitt said the economy was like a living organism; that it had to be sitting right in some areas in order to help the others.

He then elaborated on the importance of getting people into jobs and how this was vital for the economy.

But what about our unemployed youth in regional areas and the university graduate looking for a job?

"As for the person who is potentially coming out of CQU as a university graduate, we're keen to talk to them, depending on where they've studied, we think we might have some very good things to say to them about the sorts of the jobs of the future," Mr Pitt said.

He left it at that and then went into talking about scrapping the LNP's four pillar economy model because it didn't include all industries.

He also spoke about what Queenslanders could expect when the budget is released in July. Mr Pitt said there would not be any surprises, calling it a "no frills" budget focussing on Labor's election commitments.

It is expected the Australian Bureau of Statistics will release a more detailed report into employment figures on Thursday.

Last week the ABS released national and state-wide employment figures but Thursday's edition of Labour Force figures will go into more detail.


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