SMELL THE ROSES: Dawn Plumridge wants her roses left alone.
SMELL THE ROSES: Dawn Plumridge wants her roses left alone. Photo Contributed

No more stopping to smell the roses for Dawn Plumridge

WAKING up to smell the roses is now a thing of the past for Dawn Plumridge who had the ones in her shared garden ripped out last week.

The 77-year-old resident of a community aged housing residence in Yarraman shared the view of eight rose bushes with her neighbour Bett Drennen before four of them were removed by operator Toowoomba Regional Council.

"I was absolutely devastated - they were beautiful, they were absolutely beautiful," Mrs Plumridge said.

"We'd pick them and bring them into the units and the perfume and site of them was just beautiful.

"All we have to look at now is a cement pathway and fences."

The rose bushes have since been replaced by nandinas and the remaining ones will be replaced by the minimal-care plant once they've flowered.

Mrs Plumridge said she was told the roses were removed because they were planted a number of years ago and had become "ratty".

"We've had a lot of rain and naturally some of them were a bit old but they were still beautiful," Mrs Plumridge said.

"They were up against a wall - they weren't in the way, they weren't doing any harm and now they're gone."

The garden is cared for by a contractor and inspections are carried out on the property every few months.

Toowoomba Regional Council Environment and Community Services acting general manager Michael Condren said the council used a contractor to ensure communal, shared areas at the long-term community housing facility was well-maintained.

"A number of older rose bushes had begun to deteriorate," Mr Condren said. "These roses had been planted by former residents and had been maintained by Council."

He said the remaining roses would eventually be removed and replaced by nandinas that change colour with the seasons and are easy to maintain.

Mrs Plumridge has taken to guarding the leftover roses but doesn't know what else she can do to save them.

"We want our roses back, we didn't want our roses gone," she said.

"They were in full bloom and they were beautiful."

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