No threat to reef: Seeney

DEPUTY Premier Jeff Seeney says he will not shy away from his responsibility to Queensland's economy following a damning UNESCO assessment of the state's mining impacts on the Great Barrier Reef.

Following a delegation visit to Queensland earlier this year, UNESCO released it full assessment of the world heritage reef on Thursday.

The report stated port developments neighbouring the Great Barrier Reef were not carried out to an international standard and dredging was having a detrimental affect on the world's largest coral reef system.

The report also recommends no new port or large infrastructure developments as it could have an irreversible affect on the reef.

"(It is) essential to reduce development and other pressures on the property as much as possible to enable an increase in the reefs resilience to adapt to climate change," the report states.

"The mission also notes that developments on Curtis Island are not consistent with the leading industry commitment to not develop oil and gas resources in natural World Heritage properties."

Mr Seeney said the Government would not shy away from its responsibilities to protect the world heritage reef or the state's economy.

"But in protecting the Great Barrier Reef we will not walk away from our responsibility to grow the economy of Queensland," he said.

Mr Seeney told parliament on Thursday it was not his newly-elected government's responsible for the environmental mess of, like everything else, Labor's wrongdoing.

The UNESCO report was complied before the State Government shelved Labor's plans for 10 new coal terminals and a multi-cargo port facility, which would have required dredging of 40 million cubic metres, Mr Seeney explained.

"We have taken the Abbot Point coal terminals known as T4 to T10 off the agenda," he said.

"We have also taken the multi-cargo facility off the agenda, opting instead for a much more measured and smaller scale development."

Mr Seeney promised the Great Barrier Reef would be under no threat from further development approvals.

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