LAST YEAR’S PROGRESS: North Burnett Regional Council Mayor Rachel Chambers. Credit: Alex Treacy.
LAST YEAR’S PROGRESS: North Burnett Regional Council Mayor Rachel Chambers. Credit: Alex Treacy.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: North Burnett Council's annual report

THE annual report for the North Burnett Regional Council is showing positive signs of growth over the last financial year.

A council meeting was held in Mt Perry on October 30, with councillors adopting the 2018-19 Annual Report.

The report is created to recognise the progress of the previous year, as well as keeping council accountable to government laws and regulations.

"It is great to look back and see everything that we have done over the past 12 months," Councillor John Bowen said.

"We get so caught up in the here and now that we forget to celebrate all the good work that happens throughout the year".

Some key figures indicate the council had $29.574 million in the bank at June 30, 2019, up from $16.967 million at the start of its term in 2015, but down from 2018 with $31.276 million.

This positive cash position at the end of the 2018-19 financial year is progress, with the council receiving about $7 million in advance relating to 2019-20 funding arrangements.

Wanting to take advantage of this, the council is hoping to have the cash position of between $15-18 million serve as a benchmark.

This level will be important for financial sustainability according to the report, with the council's monthly expenditure being $4.2 million.

Some key figures include council's borrowings of $2.9 millions from Queensland Treasury Corporation, council's support of the community with $135,074 in grants and 49% of council's income received from rates.

For a full breakdown on the important take aways from this year's report, see below:


  • Council's total assets are made up of current assets of $34.009 million and non-current assets of $1,051 million.
  • These non-current assets are infrastructure such as roads, water, and waste water which collectively represent the total of no-current assets.


  • These are made up of current liabilities totalling $9.613 million and non current liabilities of $10.434 million.
  • Borrowings are made up of $662k in current obligations and $2.326 million in non-current obligations.
  • Similar provisions are made up of $2.042 million current and $8.108 million noncurrent.
  • The non-current provisions are primarily allocated to the future restoration of council's waste management facilities.


  • Rural road maintenance to the value of $2.6 million was undertaken this year using road condition assessments.
  • Council completed a $1.7 million Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) project this year, which is funded on a 50/50 council-state basis.
  • Works and upgrades were completed on Wetheron Road, Staibs Road, Swindon Road, Abercorn Road, Calrossie Road and Gayndah-Mundubbera Road.
  • Pavement rehabilitation works were undertaken on four roads at an approximate cost of $165,000.
  • Over 19 roads were gravel resheeted across the region, at a cost of almost $900,000.
  • Bitumen resealing was undertaken on 13 rural roads this year, and 42kms were resealed at a cost of $885,000.
  • Bitumen reseals were undertaken on 18 streets across the region costing almost $240,000.


  • A capital budget of $585,000 for water infrastructure and $1,280,000 for wastewater infrastructure was used to deliver several projects in Council's 10 year plan.


  • This year showed a decrease in both the number of planning applications and inquiries, with 28 applications completed over the financial ear.
  • There has been more recent activities and inquiries however, appearing to show a stabilisation and an interest in commencing several reasonable sized projects.


  • Community grants showed a record number of applications approved, totalling approximately $135,074 in support to community groups.
  • Some of these included elite performance grants, major events grants, lifelong community grants and waivers.


  • During 2018-19, council continued to fund creative projects through the RADF in partnership with the state government through Arts Queensland.
  • RADF funded 16 community projects to the value of $87,004.16 with an overall benefit to the community valued at $173,526.50 taking into account the total budgeted costs for each project.


  • The 2018-19 year also saw Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) works completed following disaster events in the 2017 calendar year.
  • Council completed $10.2 million worth of reconstruction works including $4.3 million direct expenditure on 15 betterment projects and on Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) project.


  • The North Burnett has been being in a constant cycle of flood recovery since the 2010-11 flood event.
  • In excess of $160 million in restoration and betterment work has been completed throughout the region over those nine years.
  • The installation of flood markers throughout Gayndah and Mundubbera will help give the community the tools to monitor flood levels and assess their risk.
  • Flood markers will include the North Burnett Emergency Management Dashboard QR code, which will direct residents to the most up to date information during disaster events.
  • The completion of the pilot Burnett Catchment Flood Resilience Strategy (BCFRS) project in 2017/18 paved the way for a new flood resilience model for Queensland.
  • The Burnett Catchment Flood Resilience Committee have prioritised and commenced work on the 94 actions from the BCFRS which will see a joint approach to common resilience issues across the catchment.

For the full annual report, please head here.

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