CLOTHES OPTIONAL: Jenni Parry shares her nudism journey with Matt Collins.
CLOTHES OPTIONAL: Jenni Parry shares her nudism journey with Matt Collins. Contributed

Nudist exposes the truth of unique lifestyle

NATURISM, or nudism, is a lifestyle choice the majority of people do not understand or see the appeal for. But for those who do, it is an enlightening experience they couldn't live without.

In their coffee chat, Jenni Parry shares with Matt Collins her nudist journey, including why she initially started taking off her clothes in public and what her children think about her nude ways.

Listen to the full podcast with nudist, Jenni Parry here:

Matt Collins: Jenni, the most basic of questions to start. What is the appeal for being naked in public?

Jenni Parry: For me, it is all about being comfortably in my body. I am not a skinny person but I don't even think of my size or my stomach rolls when I sit down and I'm nude. It's only when I have clothes on and my pants start digging into my waist that I feel uncomfortable.

MC: It sounds very refreshing.

JP: You don't have any sense of stereotypes or socio-economic groups when you are naked. Within my group of friends, I know some people with $20million in the bank and others with only $20 in the bank, but you wouldn't know that when they are all naked.

MC: As a nudist, does it sometimes feel weird that you have to go back to your 9-5 job and put clothes on?

JP: Yes, I spent 12 days over Christmas and New Year's and I didn't leave the camp once and I didn't wear anything the whole time. It was the weirdest feeling to get dressed for work after that. It was only then did I realise just how much weight I had put on over Christmas.

[Both laugh]

MC: Whose clothes are these? They can't be mine!

JP: Yeah, someone bring me my real clothes!

MC: How old are your kids?

JP: 27, 25 and 22.

MC: OK, so they are all grown up. How do they feel about their mum's nude ways?

JP: None of them join in, which is fine, but I get my 22-year-old saying, 'Mum, you are getting a bit grouchy, I think it's time you go camping'.

MC: Ha ha, time to get the clothes off.

JP: Yeah, go get your clothes off and de-stress.

MC: Ha ha, they get you, your kids.

JP: Yeah, they do.

MC: At the naturists' events, there are naked people everywhere. Is there ever a concern for the men, and the woman for that matter, that certain parts of the male anatomy may get aroused?

JP: Look, we are all human and yes it does happen. So at that point the gentleman will go and cover up. It is not taken offensively. It is all normal and natural. But Matt, the thing is after about 30 minutes or so of being surrounded by naked people, it is all completely normal. You end up being more intrigued by the person that still has their clothes on.

MC: Ha ha. Look at that weirdo with his clothes on.

JP: Yeah, exactly.

MC: Why do you think there is such a negative stigma surrounding being naked in public?

JP: I think the shame that bodies are given over time to children by their parents, and I don't think they are doing it intentionally but they will say, 'Oh, you are naked, go get dressed' or 'Oh, you have a rudey bottom, put some clothes on'. You never know how our children are picking up on those words.

MC: Was it important you instilled that relaxed view on clothing to your children?

JP: Yeah, I never hid it. Therefore once I started going camping and being naked, it was very open that this is what I do. It is all part of being comfortable with yourself and the acceptance that all bodies are different. The fact that our bodies are a once-off-only gift to be treasured was certainly instilled in them.

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