Watch out for these scams doing the rounds

WHEN Clem Fechner opened an email from an old friend, he quickly realised it was not what it first appeared.

Mr Fechner said as soon as he opened the email to find a website link and no writing, he knew it was a scam.

"Why would he, completely out of the blue, send me this?" he said.

"So I rang him and he said 'no I never sent it'."

The Kingaroy man said the email was just one in a string of emails and phone calls he received in an attempt to scam him out of money.

"I'm always getting emails from various people, and sometimes they are very obviously scams, but they're refining their methods of operation," he said.

"I was out hosing the garden when one fellow called and wanted me to go to the computer and enter in pass codes.

He said there'd be all sorts of trouble if I didn't. I said, look you're a scammer and I don't trust you and told him I was going to hang up.

"He said if I did that, he'd take control of my internet connection and I wouldn't be able to access the internet.

"I said, 'well go your hardest'."

SCAMS: Police warn of scams doing the rounds.
SCAMS: Police warn of scams doing the rounds.

While Mr Fechner was not easily fooled by the scam artists, he said others were unfortunately more "gullible".

"They don't have to be devoid of any intelligence either," he said.

"A few years ago another friend in his early 80s, a former high school teacher, rang me in quite a state," he said.

"He was told a relative in England had died and there was over one million pounds waiting for him, and all he had to do was send his credit card details.

"He almost did too, and he's not a dumb-dumb."

Kingaroy Police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Duane Frank said scams were currently "doing the rounds".

He said South Burnett residents reported calls and emails purporting to be from the lottery and the Federal Police, all the way to some fake online romances.

"Men have been talking to someone claiming to be a female, with the future assumption that she may visit or make in-person contact," Snr Sgt Frank said.

He said there was often little the police could do to return money to its rightful owner after a scam, and urged vigilance.

"If you start communicating with someone socially over the computer, you really need to carefully consider providing money to them," he said.

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