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OPINION: Social distancing is no excuse to stop moving

EXRECISE is more important now than ever before. USQ studies found that people who engaged in A high level of both cardio and resistance training were less likely to report a history of diagnosed depression.

It’s not new information, linking exercise to mental health benefits.

With gyms closed and gatherings of no more than two people allowed, people’s disposable cash and lifestyle’s threatened or lost, now is the time to dig in and protect yourself from depression and other health issues by using your best arsenal, exercise.

You need to move to keep your lungs strong and your systems functioning at their best.

For the sake of your mental health, exercise is key to feeling good and keeping your mind positive.

Workouts and personal training from private places are now your only option to keep active. If you are feeling chronically stressed or anxious, couple your exercising with an outreach program, such as Beyond Blue.

There is a phenomenal amount of resources online on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and even Google that will help you choose at-home workouts.

Some are free content and some are paid. Make a choice as to what fits your situation and keep active for your mind and your body.

I am feeling for all the people who have lost their income or seen it diminished, as a result I would like to give back. I will be putting up free content for some anywhere anytime workouts every Monday on my Facebook: LG personal training page.

Socially distancing is by no means an excuse to disconnect from your life and the lives of others.

Laila Joyce-Baker is a Kingaroy-based personal trainer and professional massage therapist.

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