Matt Collins
Matt Collins Matt Collins

OPINION: The cream always rises to the top

I HAVE been living on the South Burnett for close to two years and have enjoyed the tree change from the Sunshine Coast.

One of the refreshing things that continually stands out for me is the sheer volume of quality events in this region each and every week.

As a journalist, it never leaves our news team short of interesting content, but the real positive is the way in which the community gets behind these remarkable events.

On the odd occasion, I will chat with someone in the community who has some less than ideal things to say about certain areas of the South Burnett that require improvement; perceived lack of jobs, empty shops, roads not to the desired standard and so on.

I have no problems with people expressing their concerns and I think it is healthy that concerned residents have the ability to give constructive feedback.

Regardless of that, what I have noticed time and time again is the good things about our region far exceed the areas that require improvement.

And so it is with many things, the cream always rises to the top.

The positive things always outweigh the negative.

Just like a quality cops and robbers film, good always defeats evil.

And my experience in life has been that positivity snowballs.

When you do good things, good things come to you.

In my role, I get to meet people from all corners of the South Burnett, from councillors to nurses, motorcycle clubs to woodworking groups and everyone in between and regardless of the topic one thing always shines through.

We are a region that works together to support others and I for one, am proud and humbled to be a resident.

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