OPINION: Your OP does not define you

LET me be the first person to tell you that I wasn't the most dedicated student in high school.

I pushed teachers' buttons, I was disruptive in class - one teacher even donned me the 'weapon of mass distraction' - and my mum always said I partied too hard.

Looking back though, I probably wouldn't have done it any differently.

Why? Because through a bit of grit and determination, I still got to exactly where I wanted to get to.

But a student's success should not be measured merely by their academic skills.

Sporting and cultural pursuits are valuable parts of a child's education as well.

Lessons about teamwork, of winning with humility and losing with grace, and of resilience prepared me for the harder parts of life more than any exam ever did.

Your OP doesn't assess qualities like creativity, leadership and teamwork skills, or your social or emotional intelligence.

I've interviewed many people for all kinds of jobs over the years, and they are the kinds of skills that employers crave.

I have never judged a potential employee on their OP, because it does not define who you are as a person.

Their purpose - to provide a basis for a university to select an applicant for a particular course - is short-lived.

You either get into that course, or you find an alternative path.

Don't be afraid to gain experience by coping with the occasional failure or setback, after all, it builds resilience.

Sure, it matters that you work hard and strive academically, but what matters more is that you graduate as a confident, well-adjusted young adult who knows the best is yet to come.

South Burnett

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