Pete Evans is again coming under fire for his views on health
Pete Evans is again coming under fire for his views on health Contributed

Paleo chef Pete Evans slammed for fighting fluoride

PETE Evans is copping it again, this time from the New South Wales Health Minister Jillian Skinner

The tanned My Kitchen Rules judge turned Paleo evangelist has been labelled a "large threat" to public health for his stance against the fluoridation of water.

The addition of fluoride to water supplies has been a contentious issue, particularly in Queensland when it was mandated in 2008.


Ms Skinner said Mr Evans was frustrating attempts to teach people the importance of health initiatives including fluoridation and vaccinations, telling Sydney's Daily Telegraph he "knows nothing from a specialist point of view".

She said she stopped watching My Kitchen Rules after learning of his views.

"I'm highly disappointed that they would use a platform of cooking.

"That is totally inappropriate... and quite disturbing, which is why I won't watch those programs anymore."

It is an unfortunate new saga for Mr Evans, whose baby book "Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way For New Mums, Babies and Toddlers" prompted a warning from dieticians that some recipes had 800% too much salt for babies.

It was dumped by publisher Pan Macmillan after experts found it put babies at risk of botulism and salmonella by suggesting they eat honey, runny eggs and raw liver.

Mr Evans has never been nailed down on his views about vaccinations but is known to be proudly against fluroride.

He has previously been photographed with an anti-fluoride group, in a "Fluoride Free WA" shirt.

He told the newspaper: 

"I have never spoken about vaccination, its risks or possible connections with any medical conditions... and strongly object to any suggestion that I have.

"I welcome the opportunity to discuss the value of fluoridation with Ms Skinner, but ask that she, or any other party, does not misrepresent my views, opinions or beliefs."


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