FAIRFAX MP Clive Palmer has demanded a better deal for the nation's pensioners.

And he's going to start the ball rolling by holding a free entry day for all his constituents at his dinosaur park.

Of course, it won't be only pensioners who will benefit from the Fairfax Weekend, unveiled during a press conference yesterday.

Fresh from two weeks of campaigning in Western Australia, the PUP founder wanted to assure his Sunshine Coast constituents that he hadn't forgotten them, starting with pensioners, who he said had been ignored by the major parties.

Will you visit the dinosaur park and motorcar museum for free?

This poll ended on 16 April 2014.

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You bet! I can't wait, thanks Clive!


If I'm free on the weekend, I might go.


You couldn't pay me to visit those two!


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PUP would stand in the senate to ensure the rights of pensioners were protected, regardless of cost, he said.

"I want to let the pensioners of Australia know that we're listening," Mr Palmer said.

"At the last election our policy was the pension should be increased.

"We had that policy because our country owes a lot to pensioners and senior citizens who fought in world wars and served this nation.

"We cannot sentence to poverty, or inflict upon our pensioners of this country, a lifestyle we wouldn't want for ourselves, especially if it means we have to do this to provide for paid parental leave for wealthy Liberal Party members."

The Fairfax Weekend, planned for some time in June, would provide free entry to Mr Palmer's dinosaur park Palmersaurus and classic car museum Palmer Motorama at Palmer Coolum Resort for all his constituents.

"They can come see forthemselves what we've been doing to try and create tourism on the Sunshine Coast," Mr Palmer said.

Securing funding for the Bruce Hwy and the $4.6 million lawsuit filed against him by former resort general manager Bill Schoch, were also on the agenda.

Mr Schoch is claiming the payment saying he saved his boss more than $8 million a year by sacking 403 staff, acquiring Hyatt management rights and making other cuts.

Mr Palmer described the claims as "factually inaccurate."

"For two years he ran our resort and the press criticised and said it was being run the wrong way," he said.

"I had a look and I thought he was running it the wrong way, so we had to let him go."

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