Passenger with a knife threatens tailgating man

A PASSENGER in the vehicle of a roadhogging P-plater allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened the exasperated driver behind him on the Bruce Hwy.

Caloundra mum Libby Cox-Deger witnessed the incident with her husband and two children in the car when travelling from Woombye along the Bruce Hwy south at around 2.30pm on Sunday, October 30.

She said the golden Hyundai Tucson driver, who had his green P-plates on the back of the car, had been travelling below the speed limit in the right-hand lane of the Bruce Hwy, near Aussie World.

"He was holding up the traffic, doing 100 kilometres an hour in a 110kmh zone,” she said.

The blue Camry driver in front of her, who was behind the Hyundai Tucson, had been "directly behind the car and pushing it to move over”.

When the car finally moved over, Ms Cox-Deger witnessed a passenger threaten the blue Camry driver.

"He pulled out a knife, it looked like a fishing knife and was leaning out of the car yelling abuse at the guy,” she said.

Ms Cox-Deger said she was "just in shock” and her children were crying as they saw the incident unfold.

"I thought something else was happening, by then we were behind these guys and were on our horn to let them know we could see exactly what is going on.

"I just couldn't believe this could happen.”

She didn't report the incident to police.

Nambour Policing Unit Acting Inspector Shane Panaho wasn't aware of the incident being reported, but urged for patience on the roads.

"Anecdotally all of us have friends that will make comment about their feelings of drivers on the roads,” he said.

"The finger often gets pointed at provisional drivers or the elderly. We need to reinforce the need to exercise patience on the road.”

He said there had been no marked increase in the number of reported road rage incidents.

"A number of studies undertaken by external bodies, such as the RACQ, indicates their members believe incidences have increased.”

He said if anyone became involved or witnessed a road range incident he recommended they travel to a "location of safety” and contact the police.

An NRMA study in 2012 of 1500 motorists found tailgating was the number one cause of frustration on the roads.

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