Pauline Hanson
Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson admits smoking marijuana three times

OUTSPOKEN fish and chip shop owner turned politician Pauline Hanson will admit she has smoked marijuana in tonight's episode of The Verdict.

The former One Nation leader and Queensland federal independent MP admitted to smoking the illegal drug "three times" as part of a discussion on The Verdict looking at the ongoing push to legalise marijuana for recreational purposes.

"I will admit when I was younger that I tried marijuana three times - I was really spaced out of my head," she reveals during the panel discussion.

"If you put me in a car and I had to drive, well…."

Ms Hanson, who rose to prominence on the back of her right wing, populist and anti-immigration views during the late-1990s, also said she was opposed to total prohibition of the drug.

But she condemned the use of illicit drugs purely for recreational purposes, saying that as a teen she was able to find enjoyment in simpler ways such as going to the beach or the movies.

"We were high on life," she told the panel.

Tonight The Verdict will examine if it's time Australia legalised marijuana for recreational uses. Several states, including NSW and Victoria are already actively exploring the prospect of legalising medical marijuana.

Watch The Verdict tonight on Channel 9 from 8.30pm to see the full discussion.


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