Former politician Peter Slipper.
Former politician Peter Slipper.

Peter Slipper hoping for stay on case against him

FORMER politician Peter Slipper is waiting to hear if his defence's legal arguments will see a permanent stay put on a case against him, with hearings adjourned until Wednesday morning.

Mr Slipper, who had pleaded not guilty to three charges of potentially causing a loss to the Commonwealth, was in Canberra Magistrates Court for the case today.

Charges relate to allegedly fraudulent cab charges that were used during his visits to wineries in the Canberra region in 2010, before he was nominated Speaker of the House.

The former Sunshine Coast MP who lost his seat at the September election has been fighting the charges, with his lawyer arguing they may breach parliamentary privilege.

Barrister Kylie Weston-Schueber argued on Monday and today that the charges should be pursued in parliament, rather than through the court.

She argued on Monday for a permanent stay on proceedings, saying Mr Slipper's defence would be unable to ask questions of witnesses regarding the issue due to privilege.

But prosecutors today told the court the charges were not covered by parliamentary privilege, as the trips under question were clearly for personal reasons, not official business.

The brief hearing ended with the court adjourning proceedings for further hearings on Wednesday morning.

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