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Pigs ready to race for the bacon at Blackbutt Show

A PIG day out is in store for the miniature hogs racing at the Blackbutt Show.

The purebred miniature pigs will race around an obstacle course through tyres, hay, trap doors and ramps to the bowl of treats hidden at the finish line.

A field of six to eight runners are auctioned before each race and the owner of each winning pig receives 50% of the total, with 50% going back to a charity.

Their trainer and breeder Neil Duddy said he prepared them with a lot of love and food.

"I'm training them all the time," he said.

"Pigs are the second-most intelligent animal after the dolphin, so after six months they get pretty smart."

Mr Duddy, who has been a professional entertainer for 25 years, said he trained the pigs for the past three years to themed music.

"When they hear the music, they'll run to the gates," he said.

Mr Duddy will run a pig-naming competition in conjunction with the race.

"Some of the funniest names I've heard so far are Rick Snorter, Sir Oink A Lot and Miss Piggity," he said.

"Some people even go as far as naming the pigs after local policemen."

He said he got a buzz out of entertaining and loved to watch the pigs run around.

"They're just so easy to work with, it's entertaining and the kids love it."

You can watch the miniature pigs scurry around the track at the Blackbutt Show this Saturday. Pig racing times are available in the show program.

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