Police in action in Brisbane on Friday in the lead-up to the G20 summit
Police in action in Brisbane on Friday in the lead-up to the G20 summit

Police reveal extreme activists threat for G20

QUEENSLAND Police have revealed that overseas activists had security scrambling at times to avoid things turning ugly during the G20 World Leaders Summit at the weekend.

But in the end the ugly scenes witnessed at previous G20 summits in London and Toronto never eventuated.

Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll, who was tasked with overseeing the massive security operation, was given the best birthday present possible as the final world leader departed the city.

She said the whole security operation surrounding the summit had gone off without a glitch.

"It has been two years of meticulous planning to get us to this point," she said.

"It was not just dumb luck.

"Our strategy was to build trust, show tolerance and respect towards all protesters."

Ms Carroll revealed for the first time that police were monitoring overseas activists who had travelled to Australia for the summit.

She said there were some hairy moments behind the scenes, but would not divulge what they were.

"From a protesters aspect there were some extreme concerns in the background in the lead up to the event," she said.

"We kept a very close eye on them (overseas activists) but in the end the threat did not eventuate.

"There were times where we had to scramble, but on the surface it was seamless."

Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett praised the actions of the more than 6000 officers who were on duty throughout the summit.

He said they acted in a professional, caring and extemporary manner.

"We did not have one single complaint about any of our officers," he said.

"The way the officers approached their duties was simply wonderful.

"We are very happy to be bored."


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