Post man caught pleasuring himself with mailbox

AN IRISH postman has expressed his "enormous shame and regret" after he was discovered performing sex acts using a mailbox.

Last August, a man who was having work done on his late mother's home in Monea, Northern Ireland, noticed a "puddle" on the ground near his front door, which his mailbox was built into.

Suspicious of the mess, he installed a CCTV camera above the door to catch the culprit.

Footage revealed a van from the global mail company Parcelforce pulling up outside the house one lunchtime, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

The postie walked to the door, put his genitalia into the mailbox, and appeared to masturbate using the opening.

On a second occasion, the offender noticed the camera while he was carrying out the sex act.

The postie was later identified as 52-year-old David Camblin. He pleaded guilty last week to three counts of damaging a door and floor over a six-month period from February to August last year.

When police interviewed Camblin, he could offer no explanation other than to describe the act as "spontaneous".

Initially the man who owned the home sought £5,406 (AU$8762) in compensation, claiming he paid over £1000 (AU$1620) on a new front door.

He also cited the cost of the CCTV camera, services of a cleaning doctor, and his inability to rent the property out over the six-month period as further compensation claims.

The judge questioned this amount, and in the end ordered the offender to pay £500 (AU$810) in compensation.

The offender was suspended from work, and he later resigned. He is now being financially supported by his wife of 17 years.

He has been placed on 12 months' probation and ordered to do 100 hours of community service.

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