A HEAVILY PREGNANT woman is the last person you would expect to be the victim of an attack.

But that's exactly what happened when Terri Williams, who is 35 weeks pregnant, was walking her dogs through Ululah Park on Monday evening.


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It was around 5.30pm when a teenager on a bicycle allegedly threw a punch, landing on Ms Williams' back, when the expecting mother turned she saw the teenager laughing with a friend while riding off.

Ms Williams was appalled by the incident.

"What if I had fallen over on to my stomach? They would have known I was pregnant when they rode past me," she said.

"I was just shocked; I didn't know what was happening. I thought they would have felt bad about it, but they were laughing on their way past."

Terri Williams - 8 mths pregnant - was walking her dogs at Ululah Lagoons when a teenager on a bicycle allegedly punched her in the back as he rode past.
Terri Williams - 8 mths pregnant - was walking her dogs at Ululah Lagoons when a teenager on a bicycle allegedly punched her in the back as he rode past. Alistair Brightman

Ms Williams said she wasn't injured from the incident, she said their laughter hurt the most.

"I thought it was so disrespectful they thought it was funny. At first I was a bit shocked, but then realised how bad it was, hitting a heavily pregnant woman like that," she said.

"They kept looking back at me and laughing, almost like they were taunting me until they were out of sight.

"My partner was furious when I told him."

She has not yet reported it to police, but is more concerned about the state of youth in town given her treatment.

"There are kids in town that think it's okay to do that - it makes you think what's happening.

"Are they being taught how to treat people properly?" she questioned.

"They were being silly and whacking people to try and get a laugh, but seeing a pregnant person you'd figure they would feel bad.

"I'd hope if their parents found out they would speak to them about it, let them know it's wrong.

"People need to understand it's not the right way to behave."

Maryborough police Sergeant Steve Wheeler said they had not received a complaint about the incident, but urged the public to report incidents of alleged assault.

"The best deterrent is to report the matter to 000; we can't do anything about it if we don't know anything about it," Sgt Wheeler said.

When Terri posted her experience on social media, she was inundated with comments expressing disgust at the incident.

"Omg (sic) Terri that's horrible! You poor thing! I hope you are okay? What on earth were they thinking?" Kaye Henningsen wrote in response.

"This town is going down hill very fast..." Sarah Slattery wrote.

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