FUN SNAPS: The photo booth at the Advertiser's Dinner.
FUN SNAPS: The photo booth at the Advertiser's Dinner. Lisa Anne Photography

Props to the photographer who thought of this

MEET Lisa Thackeray, a self-taught photographer in the South Burnett, who seems to be doing things a little differently.

Starting her career in photography five years ago, Mrs Thackeray has since worked at many local events, including the recent Advertiser's Dinner.

"I was inspired to start photography after I had my daughter, who's six years old now. I'm mostly self-taught, but it was a relief to have a new job where I'm able to work from home and do my own thing," Mrs Thackeray said.

This break from structured work allowed Lisa to explore her options as professional photographer.

"My whole life I loved taking photos, but once she was born I sort of decided that this is something I want to keep doing, and so I turned it into a bit of a business.

"Since then, I've been doing a lot of family portraits and stuff like that. I like portraits, but I also like a lot of documentary and the joys of lifestyle photography as well," she said.


This interest in capturing fun, candid moments inspired Lisa to take her event photography to the next level.

"I now have a photo booth set up with funny props and glasses, and I use it for functions, parties and weddings.

"Photo booths are actually a lot easier to manage. They're a lot of fun and everyone always gets involved and has a good time... They're probably one of my favourite things to do," Mrs Thackeray said.

Mrs Thackeray has only recently started using the photo booth, but she's already seen such positive reactions towards it.

"It's popular because I think people don't expect to find something like that in the South Burnett.

"If people see it at a party or wedding, they always want to come down and give it a go. At the recent Advertiser's Dinner, a lot of people came over, and a lot of groups were wanting group photos... Everyone just loved it," Mrs Thackeray said.

With everyone wanting to give the booth a try, it's likely to stick around for a while.

"My favourite thing about taking photos in the booth is that it gives people a good memory that they can look back on," she said.

If you want to book a photographer or photo booth for your function, get in touch with Lisa Anne Photography.

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