Prostitute feared for her life after dealer shot dead client

A PROSTITUTE has described fearing for her life after learning her drug dealer allegedly shot her client dead in the middle of a busy road and then claimed it was "self-defence".

Claudia Guevara-Koulis was not in the car when her husband George Koulis demanded Colin Lutherborrow, who had just spent two and a half hours paying for sex with his wife, get out.

"If you go to police you're dead, your family's dead," she said Mr Bagley told them when she got back in the car.

Brisbane Supreme Court has heard how there was a heated verbal exchange, which turned physical at one point, between Mr Lutherborrow and accused murderer Anthony Stewart Bagley.

Mr Koulis testified how Mr Lutherborrow quickly moved in front of the car gesticulating at Mr Bagley, a former Hervey Bay resident, and threatened to kill him.

He testified Mr Bagley opened the door of the car, leaned out and shot Mr Lutherborrow.

Under cross-examination, Mr Koulis agreed it would have taken "three lunges" for Mr Lutherborrow to reach Mr Bagley's rear driver's side door.

He agreed Mr Lutherborrow was carrying a black mobile phone with him that night, July 20, 2011, at Broadbeach Waters on the Gold Coast.

"It might look very like he's got a gun as well?" defence barrister Mark Johnson suggested.

"It could look like that," Mr Koulis agreed

Mr Johnson suggested those three lunges could have meant that in "less than a second" Mr Lutherborrow was going to put his "you're going to die" threats "into action".

"He was directing threats to Mr Bagley … three steps, bang, he could have been dead?" Mr Johnson said.

Mr Koulis agreed it was possible but he did not see an object in Mr Lutherborrow's hand.

Ms Guevara-Koulis told the court when she returned to the car shortly after, Mr Bagley "said it was self-defence".

She said Mr Bagley demanded to go to the Chevron Renaissance where he changed out of the tracksuit he had been wearing.

Ms Guevara-Koulis said he gave them two bags, one with the clothing to burn and one with the gun to bury.

She said she was "freaking out" and then her and her husband then drove to somewhere near Somerset Dam.

Ms Guevara-Koulis said they bought buckets and concrete from a small country town and then burned the clothes on a barbecue.

The gun went in one bucket and the clothes ashes in another before they were filled with concrete and dumped.

The trial continues on Monday.

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