Pub robber found with meth up his bottom

A MAN arrested after a botched attempted robbery of the Highfields Tavern was found to have a bag of methylamphetamine up his bum.

Nikolaus Alexander Blyton's would-be co-robber Shane Kenneth Nash had hidden in the ceiling of the Highfields Tavern after closing time in September 2017 with the intention of robbing the place.

Blyton returned to the pub about 7am and met up with Nash who let him in and the pair, wearing black clothing, had then rummaged throughout the tavern but found all the tills had been emptied and the cash removed, Toowoomba Supreme Court heard.

Unbeknown to them, the duty manager had been locked in a secure cash room watching the pair on CCTV, Crown Prosecutor Mark Green said.

Police were led to a property nearby where they found the pair who did a runner but were both soon caught and taken into custody.

It was while being processed through the watch house that Blyton was found to have a bag with 4.168g of substance squeezed between the cheeks of his buttocks, Mr Green said.

When analysed, the substance was found to contain 3.9g of pure meth, he said.

Blyton, 29, pleaded guilty to possessing meth above 2g and to charges arising from the Highfields Tavern incident.

His barrister Lars Falcongreen told the court his client had suffered post traumatic stress disorder from his childhood at the hands of a violent father which drove him to drinking alcohol by 12 and drugs by 15.

His client had killed his father in self-defence when his father had come at him with a knife some years ago, he said.

However, despite his background, Blyton had a reasonable work history and was now in a stable relationship, he said.

Justice Peter Applegarth sentenced Blyton to a total of 17 months in jail but ordered he be released on immediate parole.

Nash was jailed for nine months for his role in the Highfields Tavern incident.

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