Radiant beauty achieved by taking care of your body

EVERYTHING we put in to our body is reflected on the outside.

We can lather on all sorts of lotions and potions to make our skin clearer, lips plumper, eyes whiter, teeth stronger, hair shinier (... you get my drift).

But the best way to achieve radiant beauty is by observing the signs our body shows us and learning how to nourish and care for the cells from the inside out.

This is the topic of the latest book by Dr Libby Weaver, Beauty from the Inside Out. I sat down with the local holistic health expert in the NZ Herald studio to talk about how we can enhance our outer shine through nutrition.


Nourishing beauty tips

For clear, plump pillowy skin eat lots of real food packed with vitamins and minerals.

Specifically, boost vitamin C intake to help create collagen and keep skin nice and firm.

Dr Libby loves lemons - add squeeze to warm water or dress your salad with the zingy juice.



If the whites in your eyes aren't clear this could be your body telling you to take better care of your liver and gallbladder.

Amp up the amount of green vegetables in your diet (broccoli, cabbage and kale are in season for spring and awesome in salads and smoothies.)

It might also be time to have a think about the amount of "liver loaders" you're consuming like caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars.


Hair proteins love essential fatty acids which are in oily fish, chia seeds, flaxseed, walnuts and pecans.

Boosting your intake will make hair smoother and stronger.

Try adding nuts and seeds to smoothies, salads and breakfast cereals.


Teeth and nails:
Teeth and nails reflect bone health. If they feel brittle make sure you've got enough minerals like calcium in your diet. It will also help to get your daily dose of vitamin D during safe times of the day.


If lips are dry and cracked it's a sign that the digestive system is out of whack.

Make sure your body is being fed with real food and try and eat in a calm state.

When you're calm, all the blood supply that is meant to be helping the digestion is present and not being used up with other activities.

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