A downpour at Murgon calls off the first day of the A-grade Crusaders v RSL Services match.
A downpour at Murgon calls off the first day of the A-grade Crusaders v RSL Services match.

Rain fuels fear ahead of A-grade cricket finals

IN AN all-too-common occurrence this season, rain washed out the A-grade clash between RSL Services and Murgon's Crusaders.

This has left the Services desperate for points if they are to make the grand final.

Services' captain Wayne Kelly said the game being called off after just two balls put his team behind first and second on the table.

"This puts us way behind the eight ball," Kelly said.

"We're 14 points behind Warriors who are on 22."

With just eight points on the board, the one-day championships have it all to play for in the second day of the Crusaders fixture and the clash against Nanango next Saturday.

"We've got to get four points next week," Kelly said.

"If it rains, it will mean the Services are out."

Should Saturday's match go the way of the Services, Kelly said they could come across another saving grace.

"(On Saturday) I don't think Nanango will field a team," he said.

This would mean Services would take the full 10 points for an outright win and the chance of finishing in the top half of the table.

On Saturday Nanango forfeited against the Warriors due to a lack of players, to award a maximum of 10 points to the Kingaroy team.

This lifted the Warriors to the top of the table with 22 points, two points above the Crusaders on 20.

Warriors' skipper Andrew Askin was surprised by this after his team recorded a less than desirable season this year.

"It's a bit funny because we've only won one game," Askin said.

"We've been lucky with a few washouts going our way.

"Wondai and Services were unlucky not to beat us outright, but it was washed out."

The forfeit by Nanango brought an end to the Warriors' fixtures until the grand final if they make it.

"It's a fair way to go, we still need a few results to go our way," Askin said.

The A-grade grand final will be held over the weekend of March 19-20.

Kumbia celebrate a scalping a Murgon wicket.
Kumbia celebrate a scalping a Murgon wicket. Keagan Elder

Kumbia scrape narrow win

TOP of the table Kumbia got a fright on its home turf after the Murgon Diggers launched a middle order attack.

Kumbia captain Ryan Kelly said the game "came down to the wire" after his team posted a solid 182 off 39 overs.

"I thought it was an above par score," Kelly said.

Bevin Fawcet topped the score sheet just short of a half-century on 47 which was backed by Alex Firman's 29.

But Kelly's surety came under fire after the Diggers posted a middle order stand.

"Coming up to the 25th over it looked like it was over," Kelly said.

Diggers' John Kapernick took control of Kumbia's bowlers to score 66 with the support of Chris Heness.

This stand stamped the pressure back on Kumbia which brought them to near breaking point.

"We just got frustrated, we just need to be more patient," Kelly said.

"Chances just weren't going to hands."

Eventually the table was turned after Kapernick was dismissed by Joe Milsom.

"Once we got Kapernick out it brought us back to life," Kelly said.

In the end Kumbia won the game by eight runs after the Diggers were bowled out in 36 overs.

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