SWINGING in the rain was something that never worried Keith Shaw on the fairways at Kingaroy Golf Club.

So it seemed fitting that the Keith and Anne Shaw memorial two-ball ambrose was played on Saturday in conditions only a true golfer would brave.

Squalls of rain, gusts of wind and unseasonably cool temperatures greeted about 60 golfers as they paid tribute to two of the club's most dedicated members.

Pride in the course

THE Shaw family sponsored the event and Keith's grandson Dugald said a bit of rain made it all the more authentic.

"He (Keith) would be out here in the rain, it's very appropriate that the weather is like this," he said.

"It was quite heavy drizzle there for a little bit.

"But it's good now, except the wind has picked up so it's just added another dimension."

Dugald said his grandfather's love of the game never wavered and rain was just another challenge to overcome when on the course.

"(He played in the rain) and not in a buggy either, no, he would always walk the course," he said.

"And with about 24 buckets of sand to replace not only his divots, but anyone else's that were in front of him.

"He always had a lot of pride in the course."

Keith and Anne Shaw are fondly remembered at the club for this dedication and unwavering passion for golf.

At the Kingaroy Golf clubhouse, members mentioned how it was a second home for the husband and wife.

And most agreed that a torrential downpour would rarely be enough to stop them from playing a round.

An event to mark in the calendar

THE inaugural competition day not only saw a big turnout of South Burnett's golfers braving the conditions, the Shaw family also made the trip to Kingaroy to play the course.

Keith and Anne's son Peter played a round with his own daughter, Alison, and grandson, Joseph.

Peter said he wanted the day to be played every year and would look to continue sponsoring the event.

"This is just a taster for next year," he said.

"This is the first of many, hopefully."

Peter said next year should bigger and better.

"The rain might have kept a few people away, but it's a good day.

"The place looks beautiful; it's absolutely brilliant and so green at the moment."

Errol Dionysius swings from the tee. Photo Brandon Livesay/ South Burnett Times
Errol Dionysius swings from the tee. Photo Brandon Livesay/ South Burnett Times Brandon Livesay

Golfing is a family affair

WHILE three of the Shaws teamed up in one golf buggy, there were two others in direct competition with their family members.

Keith's younger brother, Gary, was joined by Dugald in their two-person team.

Gary made the trip from Buderim to play at his brother's favourite course.

"And we've all played it often enough to know (where to go without using a map)," he said.

"Well we thought we had, but we went from (hole) nine to (hole) one, but it was a shotgun start so we shouldn't have."

Gary said he had played many times with Peter, but Saturday was the first time he had played a round of golf with all the golfers in the family.

"This is the first time ever; I've never played with Dugald before."

And the pairing seemed to have formed a strong partnership on the course.

"This is bread and butter now," Dugald said to Gary as they tried to chip on the green.

"Straight for the centre," he quipped while Gary laughed and took a swing.

Dugald said the day was special, not because of the golf, but because of the people the game was shared with.

"The golf is an unwanted hindrance, the company is terrific," he said.

"It should be, we chose it," Gary said.

The Shaws were members at Kingaroy Golf Club for about half a century and the competition named in their memory will see that commitment remembered.

Gary said his brother "came here in '63 I think and he was a member (of the course) from then on".

"And this is just a memorial day for Keith and Anne, and to raise a few funds for the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) which was a charity that was very close to Keith's heart."

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