THE Raising Hell in Maidenwell car event returned to the South Burnett town on Saturday, with a day filled with vintage cars and good times.

South Burnett Gas Guzzler Car Club president and event organiser Terry Mackrell said it was a good event despite numbers being lower than in previous years.

"We don't have as many as we normally get, but the weather is beautiful," he said.

"It could be anything as there were a lot of events on this weekend and it was a bit cold, that could have scared people off.

"Though when people are showing their cars off everyone is happy."

Mr Mackrell said one of the highlights of the event, now in its seventh year, was the engine blow-up.

"The engine blow-up is one of my favourite things, I like it," he said.

"On this ground here we've been coming here for seven years.

"People talk about it all year, we'll be at other runs and people say I'm looking forward to Maidenwell even though they know it will be bloody cold."

Mr Mackrell said the event was originally intended to line up with Independence Day in the United States of America.

"She said raising hell in Maidenwell, it's very catchy and we went we'll use that.

"Now we've moved away from Independence Day more to the Raising Hell in Maidenwell.

"There is a downside to that, we can't really shift the event, it must be in Maidenwell, because you couldn't have Raising Hell in Maidenwell in Kingaroy, it just wouldn't work."

Mr Mackrell said he expects the event to run until at least its tenth year.

"Ten years for any run is really good, but at 10 years you could be like we're going to shut it down or take it somewhere else," he said.

South Burnett

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