Ray Munt's divining intervention \
Ray Munt's divining intervention \ Kate Darvall

Ray’s water divining more than pot luck

WATER diviner Ray Munt has a skill like no other.

He can find water just about anywhere using a pair of metal rods and his knowledge of the land.

The Yarraman man started his career back in the 1960s as an 18-year-old determined to prove his dad wrong.

"My father and grand-father didn't believe in water divining," he said.

"They always drilled and never found water, so I said to myself, there has to be a way."

Mr Munt took it upon himself to prove his forefathers wrong and set about teaching himself the art of finding water the old-fashioned way.

He went to known locations of bores, studied the lay of the land and the way the wires crossed when the water was near.

"When I started, a lot of the neighbours thought I was going to finish up in the loony bin," Mr Munt said.

"(The first time) I got water for (my dad), he thought it was just pot luck.

"So I did hundreds and hundreds, just to prove him and myself I could find water."

Some days it only takes Mr Munt 20 minutes to find the water.

But he can spend a whole day walking the same area, always in a straight line from west to north.

"You always got to walk towards the north, then branch out to the north-east, then to the north-west," he said.

"That's the most accurate way to get water because of the Earth's magnetic pull.

"The wires go out or cross and you know there's water there."

Mr Munt never advertises his skills yet is often busy.

"The young fellas can't find the water like I can," he said.

"Some weeks I won't do anything and then all of a sudden the phone starts ringing.

"It's all done by word of mouth, people telling each other about me."

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