Recall after nationwide food poisoning


A nationwide food poisoning outbreak, which has been linked to two Queenslanders' hospitalisation has prompted urgent warnings for people to avoid a brand of microwave meals.

At least four Queenslanders have recently been infected, two of whom were hospitalised with the gastroenteritis disease Salmonella Weltevreden, after reportedly eating CORE Powerfood meals.

The Company has issued a nationwide recall of several products which can be bought in Coles and independent retailers across the nation.

Queensland Health's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said authorities were interviewing more Queenslanders who were recently diagnosed with Salmonella Weltevreden.

"We're investigating the source of these infections to determine if they are linked to the national outbreak," Dr Young said.

"We do know that some of the infected Queenslanders reported eating CORE Powerfood products prior to developing salmonellosis and two had to be admitted to hospital.

"In the meantime, we're advising people to check their freezers for the meals being recalled and either dispose of them or return them for a refund."

Dr Young said Salmonellosis can be very serious with symptoms including diarrhoea, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, fever and headache.

It can lead to hospitalisation, particularly when people need treatment for severe dehydration.

"Anyone who experiences these symptoms should see their doctor."

More information on the CORE Powerfoods recall is available here.

CORE Powerfoods is recalling batches of meals, 310g or 350g, named:

  • Going Nuts
  • Deep South Chilli
  • Muay Thai Meatballs
  • Holy Meatballs
  • Naked Chicken
  • Seismic Chicken
  • Old School and
  • Smokey Mountain Meatballs.

They are available for sale in Coles nationally and some independent retailers in


The Best Before dates for the nationally recalled products are from 26/08/2020 to

4/10/2020 inclusive.

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