Reece Mastin
Reece Mastin Jeff Darmanin / Sony Music

Young Aussie pop rocker Reece Mastin's living the dream

TATOOS. Check.

Hot actress girlfriend. Check.

Aria nomination, two studio albums, platinum record sales and thousands of fans. Check.

Pop rocker Reece Mastin of X Factor-fame is counting down to his 18th birthday next month.

But he has ticked off more on his to-do list than the average Aussie teenager before his milestone year.

After recently settling in Sydney with girlfriend, Home and Away star Rhiannon Fish, Mastin will hit the road again in December for his Australian tour.

Mastin's studio album Beautiful Nightmare is out tomorrow, giving him a swag of singles to smash out at his live performances, all in true rockstar fashion.

Before his new-found fame Mastin admits he had only travelled to Adelaide and Sydney.

"Next tour we are going everywhere and more," Mastin said.

"It's nuts, I never hardly know what state I'm going to be in on what day, but I can't complain, it's been awesome.

"The last 18 months has been non-stop. It's been so much fun I won't change anything, I can't wait to get out there and play some more shows again."

Mastin will tour the capital cities plus regional areas including Caloundra.

"Playing regional, it's good you know, coming somewhere where kids don't normally get to see artists, the reaction is just awesome," Mastin said.

In his original X Factor audition, Mastin said he "wanted to be a rock legend" and the 17-year-old is hoping he is building the "swag" to become just that. Ironically his new single is called Rockstar.

Mastin was involved in the writing of every track on the new album. He spent time overseas penning tracks and collaborating with artists such as Benji Madden, Cassius (Bruno Mars), Matthew Gerrard (Kelly Clarkson, Delta Goodrem, The Jonas Brothers), Andy Stochansky and Damon Sharpe.

"I love getting involved with the writing side of things, it's like my way of keeping a diary. I write a lot about girls obviously and about going out and having a good time," Mastin said.

"There's one track that kids can pick up it's about Rhiannon, called Stars."

Mastin's track She's a Killer has been likened to a Panic at the Disco vibe, but Mastin believes it's totally original.

"It's a weird song that doesn't sound like anything, I can get the Panic at the Disco thing, it's orchestral in sections but then the chorus is like smashing out Nirvana."

Mastin has built a massive fan base since X Factor, dubbing them his "lil' rockers".

With more than 150,000 Twitter followers and 180,000 Facebook likes, Mastin shares intimate moments with his fans, using the social media to connect.

"My fan base is so close, they are 100% there for me all the time," Mastin said.

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