A GOOD MAN: John Lee is remembered as an honest, hard-working man.
A GOOD MAN: John Lee is remembered as an honest, hard-working man. Michael Nolan

Remembering a community man

JOHN Lee will be remembered as a great community man who served on the council for 34 years and as Nanango Race Club president for 39 years.

John was born in 1931 and Reg McCallum, who is four years his senior, has known John since he was a boy growing up on his family's farm, Broadmere, in Nanango.

Reg served alongside John on the council and will remember him as a very honest, straight-forward and friendly man who always had the community in mind.

"He was very dedicated to council and very knowledgeable,” he said.

"His keenness was one of the things that set him apart and he was always very thorough to make sure the council didn't spend over their allocation because he liked to keep the finances within the expenditure.”

John's passion for cattle and horses is something Reg will always remember.

"He regularly showed cattle at the Nanango Show and no doubt his ability has been passed on as a cattle and horseman goes,” he said.

Rod Morgan served as a councillor on Nanango Shire Council for several terms alongside John.

Rod has known John personally for four decades and he and wife Jenny served as committee members of Nanango Race Club during John's presidency.

"John was a man of substance, well connected, worthy of the respect of all and he was respected,” Rod said.

"He was a man who was driven, he knew where he was going in life and many followed him.

"In council and race club business he was knowledgeable, meticulous in detail and he always dotted the Is and crossed the Ts.

"He was tough, he gave no quarter and asked for none.”

John's presence will be missed in the community.

"Socially he was adept, he was a great host, had an excellent sense of humour, had lots of charm and could spin a good yarn,” Rod said.

"For all his human foibles he was a giant of a man, whose presence was always felt and he will be missed.”

The Nanango race track Lee Park was named in John's honour for his contribution.

Barry Green worked alongside John at the council and on the race club committee and said he would be missed by many.

"He was always very community-minded and lived by the premise that if you do something you do it properly and to the best of your ability,” Barry said.

"He will be a bloke that a lot of people are going to miss not just in Nanango but in the racing circles down in Brisbane as well.”

Barry said the club wouldn't be where it was today without John's contribution.

"He stabilised the finances, he sent it forward in an orderly and affordable fashion,” he said.

"He helped elevate Nanango in the eyes of Racing Queensland to be one of the top non-TAB clubs in the state.”

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