Seamstress' body found bloodied and naked in her sewing room

A remorseless killer who got away with the brutal murder of Ranny Yun for more than three decades has been jailed for at least 17 years.

Meth Mean was earlier this year found guilty of murdering the 27-year-old seamstress at her Springvale home on October 15, 1987.

Her cold-blooded murder had remained unsolved until a DNA breakthrough in 2017.

Supreme Court judge Jane Dixon today jailed Mean for 23 years, with a non-parole period of 17, for what she described as a "sustained attack on a young woman in her own home".

"She was murdered in a place she was entitled to feel safe," Justice Dixon said.

The Cambodian refugee's motive could not be determined, she said.

Family and friends of Ms Yun wiped away tears as details of her horrific injuries and final moments were heard in court.

Mean struck Ms Yun from behind with a piece of wood before stabbing her multiple times and slitting her throat.

Her body was found bloodied and naked in the sewing room of her house.

Mean's age at the time was under contention at trial, with no birth records available.

The prosecution alleged he was 18 or 19, while defence argued he was only 14.

Justice Dixon said she was satisfied he was "at least 17 at the time".

While Mean had gone on to be a law-abiding citizen who married, has four daughters and two grandchildren, Justice Dixon said he had to be punished for his crime.


"You were able to go on with your life without facing any consequences for murdering Ranny Yun - you must now face those consequences," she said.

Mean was living in Western Australia with his wife and children when police arrested him in November 2017.

He denied any involvement in Ms Yun's death and said, in an attempt to explain why his DNA was found on her, he had come home after school and found her naked body and became aroused.

But school records from Westall High School showed his enrolment had been cancelled three days before Ms Yun's murder.




Mean, in his police interview, even tried to point the finger at his late father, Muy Mean.

His father was the uncle of Ms Yun's husband Kuy Hieang Thong.

It was Mr Thong who had helped the Mean family immigrate to Australia in the mid-1980s.

Mr Thong married Ms Yun after meeting her in a Malaysian refugee camp where she was caring for his grandmother after fleeing conflict in Cambodia.

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