REVEALED: Dangerous driving trends on our roads

MOTORISTS are ignoring safety warnings from police and engaging in risky behaviour behind the wheel.

A survey of 1800 Queensland drivers by insurance comparison website revealed almost a third of drivers admitted to potential dangerous activities.

Highest on this list was 47 per cent of respondents who said they ate takeaway food while driving.

About 27% of drivers said they answered a phone call and 25% said they sent a text message.

Nearly one in seven drive with their knees, while one in ten Queensland drivers admitted to having had a microsleep behind the wheel.

About 25% of women admitted to reaching into the back seat to deal with children, compared to about 12% of men.

Other activities included electric shaving behind the wheel, killing spiders, and challenging themselves to drive for as long as possible with their eyes closed.

The statistics were released at the end of the peak Christmas driving period which claimed the lives of a man and his seven-year-old stepson on January 2.

Kingaroy Police Acting Senior Sergeant Brad Johannson said the police had caught a number of South Burnett drivers for speeding and other regular offences.

"There has been a couple of crashes in our area where the drivers had minor injuries but they were lucky because the vehicle sustained significant damage," Snr Sgt Johannson said.

South Burnett

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