Luke Pollard.
Luke Pollard. Sean Teuma

REVEALED: Warwick's top bachelors and bachelorettes

THE day of love often brings with it canoodling partners and couples doing cute things that make some of us a little queasy.

Valentine's Day is also a chance to highlight some of the best and most eligible singles in the Rose City.

Apps like PoF and Tinder can prove a bust, and Married at First Sight auditions aren't until later in the year, so we've compiled a list of men and women brave enough to throw their hand up and get in the spirit of the big day.

*For the purposes of balance - and for the fact he has a worse strike rate than the Newcastle Knights over the past two years - the author was excluded from the list.

Luke's ideal date involves a sunset, and is looking for a pretty girl with a sense of humour.

Lasagne is the way to his heart, and car parts are the ideal gift.


Suzette Benz.
Suzette Benz. Contributed

Suzette has a number of keen interests but if you want to catch her eye, there is one hobby that brings the brownie points.

Fishing is the way to Suzette's heart but, like a true angler, she won't reveal her top spots.

Nice teeth and a sense of humour are also big ticks.


Robyn Jurgensen.
Robyn Jurgensen. Contributed

Robyn enjoys a walk by the beach but is happy with a lake or dam visit in Warwick.

Lindt chocolate or an old book are ways to stay in the the good books, as is an affection for dogs, as she owns a staffy, who has been confirmed as a good boy.


Lauren Killen.
Lauren Killen. Contributed

Lauren is looking for an enjoyable date, not one where she has to make the SOS call to friends.

A man with good morals and ambitions is desired, and a background in horses is a further plus.

Roast pork and potato bake is the go-to meal, and a bottle of Chanel No 5 would ensure a long supply of that.


Ryan Dargan.
Ryan Dargan. Sean Teuma

Ryan is a traditionalist, and likes a good dinner date to commence proceedings.

He isn't a picky eater, and will take what he is given, although chocolate, in particular Boost, is a big winner.


Kristen Paynter.
Kristen Paynter. Contributed

Kristen prefers a cruisy, casual coffee date, with someone who is happy and family friendly.

She likes road trips and spur-of-the-moment explorations, so an adventurer would be a bonus.

Pizza is a winner, as are flowers.


Nick Billsborough.
Nick Billsborough. Contributed

Nick's ideal first date would be at a restaurant, with Clippers or Ruperts on the list.

In a woman, he looks for personality, isn't too fussed on looks, and likes a sense of humour.

A good steak cooked medium rare and smothered in gravy does the trick for Luke, and if you're thinking of a gift idea, caramel chocolate is ideal.


Angelo Pestrin.
Angelo Pestrin. Contributed

Angelo's ideal date would be a walk along quart pot creek in late afternoon watching the sunset, followed by dinner with a few bottles of local wine.

The things that attract him to a woman are intelligence, courage, self-confidence, knowledge, skill, openness, honesty, and ambition.

As for a meal that wins his heart, that'd be anything home cooked in particular a roast meal, with the ideal gift for Valentine's Day would be to find true love.


Jonno Colfs
Jonno Colfs Jonno Colfs

Jonno isn't after a boring date. He is looking for lots of laughter and great conversation in a semi-private location where they are both comfortable.

His ideal woman has similar interests, is well-read and enjoys a drink. If she is looking for a 40-year-old who has currently no kids, no house and no money, he is the man.

The way to Jonno's heart is through seafood or a cheeky Nando's.

If you think you should be on this list or have a mate to dob in, it's not too late to make the list. Contact us on 4661 1300 or

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Police investigate stolen car

Vehicle keys and personal items were stolen.

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Rock and Roll icon 'raves on' in Kingaroy

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IN BRIEF: Producing and possessing dangerous drugs

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