Review brings government IT spending back under control

THE Newman Government has delivered millions of dollars in savings to Queensland taxpayers as part of its major Information and Communications Technology (ICT) reform.

Information Technology Minister Ian Walker said more than $17.6 million was saved on ICT expenditure during 2012-13 because of the stringent review.

"The flagrant waste has now come to an end, thanks to all government departments working hard to find savings and cut the duplication that was allowed to flourish under the previous Labor Government," Mr Walker said.

"This government is determined Queenslanders will get best value for their tax dollars and we are doing that by cutting down on waste across a number of key areas including telecommunications, printing and vendor management."

The ICT Audit 2012 revealed the full extent of Labor's reckless financial management. It identified:

  • 16,661 unused fixed telephone lines across government
  • 6,587 idle mobile phone services
  • 55,000 printers across government, which are now set to print double sided and in black and white

The Queensland Police Service has achieved the greatest savings to date, reporting reductions of $6.1 million which includes $5 million for printing related services during 2012-13.

Mr Walker said $3.6 million had also been slashed from Queensland Health's ICT expenses, mainly through telecommunications efficiencies.

"Additionally, the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the Integrated Transport Planning division collectively reduced ICT costs across all areas by $2.9 million," he said.

"These savings will be used to pay down the debt and deficit left by Labor and we will continue to identify opportunities to reduce ICT costs and waste."

During 2013-14 it is projected the Government could save an additional $16 million in ICT by seeking the best value for money, comparing vendor pricing and reducing underlying ICT waste.

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