REVVED UP: Cordell Rogers at Kingaroy club day in August.
REVVED UP: Cordell Rogers at Kingaroy club day in August. Contributed

Rider on track for future success

MOTOR SPORT: Kingaroy's Cordell Rogerson has been selected to take part in Motorcycling Queensland's talent rider identification program, a five day camp at the University of Queensland focussing on off the bike skills with the aim to assist athletes fulfil their potential and nurture Australia's future national and world champions.

Cordell, who specialises in motorcycle speedway, is one of 16 athletes from every motorcycling discipline aged 15 to 20 years who will take part and is looking forward to the opportunity.

"It was good getting selected the first year I could,” he said.

"I am interested in learning mainly about nutrition, like how I should be eating, and training.”

Cordell currently receives training programs from his personal trainer focussing on arm and core strength which he does twice a week but he doesn't train on his bike during the week .

"I used to but we laid off it because I am racing every weekend,” he said.

"My year has been going really well, I have been getting podiums at every meeting.

"It is coming towards the end of the season but my season doesn't really have an end which is definitely a good thing.”

Cordell will travel to take part in the NSW, Victorian and Western Australian state titles as well as the Queensland championships to be held in Kingaroy on Saturday, November 4.

"I approach every race the same way I would the last weekend and the weekend before that,” he said.

"Going into every meeting Id like to get a podium.

"The main goal is getting all the competitions around.

"Me personally, I don't look at the names, I go out there thinking I can beat them all, sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't go my way but you put it behind you and go onto the next one.

"Off the track we are all mates but on the track it is a different story.”

It is his last opportunity to claim the titles in the 125cc event before he moves up to 500cc next year in addition to the 250cc event.

"At the 125cc I'm pretty much at the top then when you hit the 500cc I will be back down the bottom and have got to work my way up.

When Cordell isn't racing he is riding with his mates or in the shed preparing his bike.

"I spend all week preparing the bikes and then you spend 5 minutes racing then do it all again the next week.”

He is aiming to turn his passion into his profession in the future.

"I am hoping to get overseas in two or three years and try my luck over there and see how I go and get in the Gp's, that is pretty much the top.”

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