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Robin Gibb astonishes with progress

ROBIN Gibb's family ''can't believe'' his progress since he woke from his coma.

The Bee Gees singer - who slipped into a coma last week after suffering pneumonia having recently battled cancer - has been nodding his head and communicating with loved ones after they played him music during all-night bedside vigils, and even wept in response to one song, Roy Orbison's hit 'Crying'.

Robin's wife Dwina said: ''He's moving his head and nodding. When we're asking questions he's responding to them. I can't believe it.

''We've been playing music to him all along. I thought he'd respond to it and, when they hooked him up to an ECG scanner, it showed he was.

''We're very pleased. We think he might even talk once the tubes come out.''

Dwina has also admitted she is ''very grateful'' for the support she and Robin have received from their families during his illness.

She told The Impartial Reporter: ''His brother Barry, his wife Linda and son Stephen came over from America. Barry was singing to him. Thousands of people are saying prayers every day.

''My mother has been frequently communicating with us by phone and keeping us close in her prayers.

"I am very grateful for the special support I have been receiving from my nephew Steven Murphy who has been keeping a close vigil at Robin's beside and being of great support to all of us friends and family here in London. We adore him.''

Robin was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago after being rushed to hospital with abdominal pain.

The teetotal vegan subsequently underwent seven rounds of chemotherapy, and previously admitted he wonders if his family tragedies - including the deaths of his brothers Andy in 1988 and Maurice in 2003 - are a ''karmic price'' for the band's worldwide success.

He said: ''I sometimes wonder if all the tragedies my family has suffered, like Andy and Maurice dying so young and everything that's happened to me recently, is a kind of karmic price we are paying for all the fame and fortune we've had.

''But we've worked hard for everything we've achieved.''

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