Royal expert denies vicious Queen rumour


A royal expert has ruled out rumours the Queen is dead.

Charlie Proctor, editor-in-chief at Royal Central, took to Twitter to respond to the rumours.

The rumours appear to have started from a WhatsApp account and quickly spread on social media.

The leaked group chat claimed Queen Elizabeth II had died of a heart attack.

"I see we have reached that time of year where I have to dispel rumours of HM's passing," Mr Proctor wrote.

"The Queen is not dead. She is alive & well and is very much looking forward to hosting President Trump and other world leaders at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday for the NATO reception."

It's not the first time there have been rumours of the Queen's death.

In January another online rumour claimed the Queen was going to die but she was then seen attending church, dismissing any claims.

Shortly after the latest rumour was posted, the Queen began trending on Twitter in the UK, with 135,000 tweets posted in the space of an hour of the group chat being leaked.

At the age of 93, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch.

The Prince of Wales will become King following the Queen's death and will address the nation the evening of her passing.

The Duchess of Cornwall will become Queen Camilla.

If Prince Charles chooses to keep his own name - royals can choose another upon ascending to the throne - he will be known as King Charles III.

It is believed that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, will then become the Prince of Wales.

Last month The Sun reported there is renewed talk behind palace walls the Queen will retire in 18 months when she turns 95, the age at which Prince Philip withdrew from public life.

Gradually, while still being very hands-on, the Queen has cut down the amount of investitures she does, spending longer weekends at Windsor and reducing her public duties.

In 2018 she completed 283 engagements, down from 332 in 2016, while Charles undertook 507. Charles has stepped up, the king in all but name.

A well-placed royal source said: "Planning for Charles to become king has been going on for some time. A transition is plainly already under way. Her Majesty is in her 90s and can understandably only do so much."

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