Rugby player sues council for $700,000 over boggy ground

A CENTRAL Queensland rugby player is suing the Rockhampton Regional Council and Central Queensland Rugby Union for almost $700,000 after he twisted his leg in a football match.

The man claims that during a rugby match on June 18, 2011, he wastackled while his left leg was caught in a boggy hole.

He claims the council and the rugby organisation failed to repair and properly maintain the field he was playing on that day.

He said contractors had used sand, and not dirt, to fill the area after the January, 2011 floods that swept across the region.

He alleges council and the organisation failed to keep the field up to standard.

He is suing for a total of $697,121.

The man told The Morning Bulletin last week he did not wish to be named because he was yet to discuss the scope of the claim with his family.

In his claim the rugby player, 29, states he took part in a game of rugby at a field in the former Livingstone shire.

He was a paid member of the Central Queensland Rugby Union.

In February 1982, the council leased the land, including the field, to Central Queensland Rugby Union under a 40-year lease.

According to the man's claim, floodwater that inundated the region had broken a pipe under the field.

In March 2011, council employees allegedly excavated the area where the pipe broke, repaired the pipe and put sand on the area.

Later that month, an employee of the rugby union organisation saw the area had subsided and allegedly put sand over it.

He then used a ride-on mower to compact the area but the area subsided again.

In late May, 2011, the union's employee allegedly put more sand on the area and used a mower to compress it.

It was claimed the ground was not level and was made up of large holes, which he said were "hidden traps" as they were filled-in and covered with sand.

At about 12.20pm on June 18, 2011, the player's leg became stuck in a hole.. He was subsequently tackled and he ended up twisting his right leg. He suffers from ongoing pain in his left knee.

As a result of the injury, the man claimed he struggled with domestic and household duties and repetitive bending and heavy lifting.

At the time of the incident, it was the rugby player's intention to apply for mining jobs in training roles but due to the nature of the work, and his injury, that would no longer be possible, he said.

The council and the union both declined to comment, saying the matter was subject to the court.

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