Tamika Swifte chases the ball for the lady Saints.
Tamika Swifte chases the ball for the lady Saints. Reanna Fenton

Saints women ready for finals test

AUSSIE RULES: The South Burnett Saints ladies side created club history last season and will be hoping that history will repeat itself this weekend as they prepare for the finals.

In 2017 the Saints advanced through to the second round of finals in the AFL Darling Downs competition for the first time.

The teams 71 point win over the South Toowoomba Bombers was the first time the South Burnett team defeated the Toowoomba side.

The Saints will face the Bombers again in the first round of finals again this weekend.

The difference is they now know they can come out on top, with both teams scoring two wins each in the four games they have played against one another this season.

Captain of the team Reanna Fenton said the Saints are ready to give it their all.

"At the start of the year we were getting back into it but now we want it,” Fenton said.

"It is quite funny because at the start of the year we had numbers but the few games we played and we have come close to winning or we have won we have had less numbers but we have had our strongest team members.”

While the Saints will meet the same team this weekend as they did last year the 2018 competition has been very different from last season, and has provided a new challenge for the Saints.

This season has seen the Saints come up against three Toowoomba teams, the Tigers, Bombers and the new USQ Cougars team with two less teams in the competition than last year.

Fenton believes the smaller competition has forced the Saints to push themselves to the next level and will be a benefit to the team in the long run.

"It has definitely been harder but we have been versing three other teams that would be in the top three if there were other teams in the competition,” she said.

"It has probably given us a huge benefit for next year when the other teams come in.”

The Saints will travel to Toowoomba's Heritage Oval to take on the Bombers and will be looking to play their best game of the season to progress.

"We need to be getting the ball movement going and not just crowing around and getting it stuck in one area. We need to be trying to move it up the field and keeping it locked in in our forward fifty and converting that into goals,” Fenton said.

Every player will be giving it their all on Saturday.

"I don't think it comes down to an individual I think it is a team effort,” she said.

"We can't expect to win we have to fight for it.”

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