Scam alert: Police warning over bitumen bandits

POLICE are warning residents to be aware of the so-called bitumen bandits who have been doing the rounds on the Darling Downs.

A number of residents have been approached and advised the scammers have leftover bitumen from a job earlier in the day and would sell the bitumen and labour for a cheaper price.

The catch is that residents must commit straight away.

Police report after residents agree to the job, the scam is to do a substandard job and demand further payment which is quite excessive and use bullying and standover tactics to get the money.

Police said as the activities bordered on being legal or illegal, the scam could be more a civil than criminal matter as a service has been provided, albeit a very poor one.

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The Office of Fair Trading is investigating the activities, but police have offered some advice while that investigation is conducted.

Any residents approached by people selling bitumen for driveways should make inquiries into the seller to ensure they are legitimate.

Suspicious activities should be reported to Policelink on 131 444 or the Office of Fair Trading on 13 74 68.

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