School is taking a "brake"? ... wait a minute!

THE details are scarce but this letter from a school appears completely above board.

Parents of a young girl were surprised to learn that the "school compnay" was taking a "brake" which would allow pupils an extra week of holidays.

The letter arrived home to the parents on a Sunday, which was particularly intriguing since there was no mail service on the weekend.

Although the person who put the image online has not given details of their location or the daughter's age, it is unlikely to be Australian given students here have a few more weeks of holidays.

According to the notice -- and signed by their daughter Cara G:

"the school compnay is taking a brake so the kids will get one more week of school off and we will need your child to sign their name here."


The letter also featured a stamp, which suggests the note is probably legitimate.

Nothing to see here folks.

The letter popped up on Reddit, apparently shared by one of Cara's parents.

Some were sure it was legit, with one Reddit user saying that the stamp meant it was clearly real.

Another said if it arrived by mail on a Sunday, then it was "officially official".

A cynical commenter who did not believe the authenticity of the letter suggested another option:

Tell her that's great news because now you have time to take that trip to Disney World.

Pack her suitcase, put her in the car in the morning and drive her ass to school.

Lesson: lies hurt.

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