Sex offender who assaulted prison tutor to stay in jail

A MAN who sexually assaulted a prison tutor at Wacol has been ordered to remain behind bars indefinitely.

Gregory David Kynuna, 51, who a justice has described as having "distorted negative attitudes towards women", will remain behind bars for indefinite control and treatment after he breached supervision orders.

Under dangerous prisoner laws, the Attorney-General can apply to the supreme court to continue a prisoner's detention or release the offender on strict supervision orders.

Kynuna, who has a history of sexual offending against children, was granted a supervision order in 2010 but breached it when he sexually assaulted a tutor at prison later that year.

A court judgment, published online, said the victim was a woman who was tutoring at Brisbane Correctional Centre when Kynuna touched her in the groin area.

He was sentenced to five months jail for that offence.

In 2011 he was granted another supervision order, which he breached and was then kept in jail until 2014, when the court granted him release with strict supervision.

But he breached this when he committed another sexual offence against a nurse at Princess Alexandra Hospital while he was being treated, a court judgment said.

Justice David Boddice ordered in his judgment delivered on Friday that Kynuna remain in custody for indefinite control, care and treatment.

"His impulsivity is of particular concern in relation to his ability to adhere to the conditions of a supervision order in the future," Justice Boddice said.

He said Kynuna's offending against the prison tutor and the hospital nurse showed the danger his impulsivity presented if he was to be alone with a woman.

"It is simply unacceptable to place adult women at risk in the future," Justice Boddice said.


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