Melinda Slingsby at her Diva’s Den store.
Melinda Slingsby at her Diva’s Den store. Peter Holt

Mackay sex shop owner refused bail on second attempt

A MACKAY sex shop owner has lost her second bail application in the Supreme Court.

Melinda Ann Slingsby faces drug trafficking charges, although a synthetic cannabis charge against her was dropped.

She was hopeful Justice Martin Daubney would release her after police could not produce evidence to prove she committed the synthetic cannabis offence.

But Justice Daubney said the charge dismissal did not detract from the fact that she was on bail at the time she allegedly committed an offence.

"The simple fact of the matter is at the time the applicant is alleged to have committed the index offences she was in fact on bail," he said.

"The fact she has since been discharged on that charge does not alter that period."

In June, Justice David Boddice refused Ms Slingsby's application.

"His honour also observed even if that was right, it did not give the applicant a right to, quote, a right to say 'well because I'm actually not going to be convicted of this offence therefore I don't have to comply with my bail order'," Justice Daubney said.

She was set to live with her father at Gatton, 1000km south of Mackay, if allowed bail.

But even that was not enough to convince the court she should be released.

"Given the ... extent of trafficking charges alleged against the applicant I would have taken some persuasion that a mere change of location, even from Mackay to Gatton would have been sufficient to address the risk of reoffence," Justice Daubney said.


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