THE NEW ME: Toowoomba entertainer Owie Paroz is happy to show his new look after shedding 52kg.
THE NEW ME: Toowoomba entertainer Owie Paroz is happy to show his new look after shedding 52kg. Nev Madsen

Shedding kilos worth the weight for this entertainer

FOR popular Toowoomba entertainer Owie Paroz, shedding 52kg from his frame has been well worth the weight.

Earlier this year when his eight-year-old daughter Savonne asked him to take her on a trek up Table Top Mountain, Mr Paroz realised his bulk prevented him from fulfilling his daughter's wish.

So, he set out on a course of clean eating and exercise and within six months, he had stood atop Table Top alongside Savonne.

"We've done Table Top about five or six times now," Mr Paroz said.

"Savonne is sick of me dragging her up Mt Peel just behind our place.

"Now I feel as fit as a fiddle which helps with life in general.

"I have so much more energy and feel good all the time.

"Last year I was struggling to get through a couple of gigs, but now I just want to keep going."

The health and fitness regime turned into something of a family project and Mr Paroz's wife Lara has also dropped 25kg.

Mr Paroz is supportive of other people with weight battles and is happy to encourage them on their journey.

"It's been hard at times but when you get through the initial stage and start to feel healthy it becomes a lot easier.

"You really need to commit to 90 days and keep going.

"This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.

"Fear of change is what stopped me for years and it's what stops people in general."

Mr Paroz has periodically chronicled his journey via Facebook and so many followers have joined his quest to lose weight.

"People see what I've done and anyone can emulate it.

"I get people coming up and hugging me because they've lost weight because of what I've done.

"I'm very happy to show other people what I've done and whether they want to go that way it's up to them."

While enjoying his new found energy and healthy lifestyle, Mr Paroz is not finished yet.

"I'll keep going," he said.

"Hopefully, by this time next year I'll be where I want to be."

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