Breast cancer patient Lisa Royle posted a photo of 'subtle dimples' that alerted her to illness.
Breast cancer patient Lisa Royle posted a photo of 'subtle dimples' that alerted her to illness.

The simple picture that could help save a woman's life

A MOTHER diagnosed with breast cancer has posed a picture of the "subtle dimples" that were the only outward sign of her illness online to urge other women to check themselves.

Lisa Royle, 42, put the photo on Facebook earlier this month before going into surgery for a mastectomy.

She wrote: "I never thought I'd post a boob picture on Facebook but I thought I would before it gets chopped off next week.

"This all that I found on my boob. Very subtle dimples underneath that could easily be missed when we're all rushing round getting ready in a morning.

"Please take time to look at your boobs. It could save your life."

Mrs Royle's post has since been shared more than 66,000 times and her page has been flooded with comments thanking her for helping to alert people to possible symptoms.

"You're an amazing, inspiring lady with the biggest heart to share your story to help others," one commenter wrote.

"I wish you and your family endless strength, courage and positive energy every minute of every day."

Her husband, Craig Royle, said she was recovering well after surgery and left hospital "in good spirits" to return home in Manchester on Monday evening.

"The support has blown us away so a massive thanks to you all," he wrote on Facebook.

"This is absolutely amazing, thanks everybody who had liked or shared this.

"Together we can make people aware and kick cancer's ass. My wife is an absolute inspiration."

Mrs Royle's sister has set up a "wig fund" for her, saying that on top of the ordeal her family is going through with the mastectomy, "she doesn't deserve to lose her bloody hair as well".

An online fundraising page has so far raised around £640.

According to advice on the NHS website, a lump is the first symptom of breast cancer that most women notice.

Around 90 per cent of breast lumps are not cancerous but they should always be checked by a doctor.

There are many other symptoms of the disease, including dimpling like Mrs Royle's, a change in a breast's size or shape, nipple discharge, swelling or a rash.

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