The Bachelor Blake Garvey speaking to some of the
The Bachelor Blake Garvey speaking to some of the "bachelorettes" in the first episode of the TV series The Bachelor. Supplied by Network Ten.

The claws are out as single ladies swoon over Bachelor Blake

THE Bachelor's search for love has started, and he has more than a few admirers.

Blake Garvey and the rest of Australia met 24 beautiful "bachelorettes" in the much-talked about reality dating show's return.

Tonight's season two premiere was the top trending topic on Twitter thanks to the cocktail party antics of the bachelorettes as they vied for the attention of Garvey.

But it wasn't all the sparkling dresses or long legs that caught his eye.

 "Looking across the room it's going to be the eyes and the smile," Garvey said.

"If they've got a nice lovely smile I'm a sucker for it."

There were plenty of interesting entrances by the bachelorettes, who were all trying to stand out.

Dog groomer Anita, who looks to potentially be the Ali of this season, bravely sang to Garvey but was overshadowed by professional singer Katrina.

Twenty-eight-year-old "princess" Diana also got a lot of screen time and might give Anita a run for her money in the quirky department.

The bubbly blonde gave Garvey a crown, asking him if he was her prince charming. She also confessed to the camera that she wants Mickey Mouse to be her celebrant at Disney Land.

As the arrivals progressed the women were gushing over his "perfect smile", height and booming voice, speculating on there being "a spark" after speaking to him for a few minutes.

The cocktail party saw the desperation factor ramp up, with Anita nicknaming herself the "hunter" as she spied on Garvey's conversations with the other women.

Canadian Amber summed it up well, saying the some of the bachelorettes were "like animals in the wild ready to pounce and get their claws into him".

Blake Garvey pictured with the 24
Blake Garvey pictured with the 24 "bachelorettes" in a scene from the TV series The Bachelor Australia. Supplied by Network Ten.

As if the pressure of securing one of the 20 red roses wasn't enough, the ladies will found out there was a white rose that was like a free pass for the next two weeks.

Netball player Holly was the first to meet Garvey and the lucky recipient of the special white rose.

"You were the first I saw but it's more than that," he said.

"I felt something; it's a connection, an attraction, a chemistry."

But it was Melbourne fashion entrepreneur Laurina who refused to chase Garvey.

Laurina perplexed Blake and the other women by her strategy of "maintaining mystery" while all of the others were falling over themselves to get one-on-one time with him.

Whether she was trying to be classy or just playing it cool, Laurina did manage to get a rose, as did all six of the Queensland bachelorettes including Brisbane events planner Louise and Sunshine Coast fashion designer Lisa.

Aggressive "hunter" Anita managed to get the final rose of the night and you've got to wonder if she was kept on for entertainment value, although Blake did say he appreciated her persistence.

The Bachelor continues tomorrow night with the first group date at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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