Some people do strange things for place in book

THE BEST: The most recent book of world records.
THE BEST: The most recent book of world records. CONTRIBUTED

THERE have been dozens of strange world record attempts across the world since the Guinness World Records launched in 1955.

One of the first strangest records was set in 1998 when Blackie the cat became the world's wealthiest cat, inheriting $12.5 million after its owner died.

In 2012 Donald A Gorske won the record for most Big Macs consumed, having eaten 26,000 of the burgers, one every day for 40 years.

The world's longest kiss, 50 hours 25 minutes and 1 second, was made in Thailand on February 12, 2013.

Several strange attempts so far this year include the most ice scream scoops balanced on a cone (won by Dimitri Panciera in Italy with 109 scoops), the world's largest mailbox (created by Jim Bolin in Illinois and measuring 5743 feet) and the highest bar jump cleared by a llama (achieved by Casper in the UK).

In 2014, American band Paramore released a music video for their Grammy-award winning song Ain't It Fun that broke several world records, including the record number of clocks smashed with a guitar in 30 seconds, catching the most feathers in 30 seconds, the longest time spinning a vinyl record on a finger and much more.

Closer to home in Brisbane, the Queensland University of Technology has broken the World's Largest Toga party record several times.

Australia is also the record holder for the world's largest skinny dip (786 participants in Perth in 2015), the world's largest surfing lesson while dressed in a Santa costume (320 participants at Bondi Beach in 2015) and the most wool sheered from a sheep.

The world record for most socks worn on one foot simultaneously is 184 and was achieved by Kamil Kulik from Poland in 2016.

There have been dozens of other world record attempts involving socks.

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