ALEX Somylay considered taking over the Peter Slipper's role as Speaker as Parliament.

Parliament was thrown into disarray yesterday with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott first calling for a vote to have Mr Slipper removed - which was unsuccessful by one vote - and then Mr Slipper announcing his resignation.

Mr Somlyay revealed he was asked by his parliamentary colleagues if he would consider taking up the role.

"I said I would only do it if the nomination came from my side of the parliament.

"I would have enjoyed it, I have a great love of the Parliament. If it had eventuated, I would have tried to do the job with dignity."

Instead Labor nominated Anna Burke, from the Melbourne seat of Chisholm, to take up the role she had been filling since Mr Slipper stepped aside pending investigations into the James Ashby affair.

Mr Somlyay supported this move as well as the government's decision to select a Deputy Speaker from the National Party in the form of Bruce Scott.

Mr Somlyay said Mr Slipper's resignation from the prized role was "inevitable".

However, he felt "sympathy" for Mr Slipper's family as he watched the Member for Fisher's emotional resignation late yesterday.

"I have no pleasure in seeing his family go through so much pain," he said.

"His private life is none of my business. My only concern is his excess use of expenditure."

Mr Slipper's resignation as Speaker doesn't affect his role as elected representative for Slipper.

Mr Somlyay said Mr Abbott told Mr Slipper he expected to "support the Coalition in any vote" as he had been elected as a Liberal.

It's already clear Mr Slipper has other intentions, with Mr Slipper voting with the Labor Party at the "first vote this morning".

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