Sportsman threatens to kill woman and dump body court hears

A FORMER Rockhampton sportsman allegedly threatened to kill a woman and dump her body in bushland if she did not stop screaming for help while he pinned her down and ripped off her clothing.

When she did not stop screaming "help" and "rape" he allegedly put his hands around her neck and started squeezing until she managed to free herself and escape.

The man, who cannot be identified to protect the identity of his victim, pleaded not guilty on Monday in the Brisbane District Court to rape, depravation of liberty and assault with the intent to rape.

Crown Prosecutor Sarah Dennis told the court about events that led to nearby residents finding the terrified woman half-naked in a suburban street.

"We will take you back to events which occurred in a suburban street in Brisbane on June 11 last year at around 2am," she said.

"A woman is in a car with a man who is on top of her.

"He starts to rip off her dress, underwear and bra.

"She starts to scream so he puts his hand around her neck and starts to squeeze.

"She somehow manages to escape from the vehicle and attempts to run away, but falls over because her underwear had become tangled around her ankles."

Ms Dennis told the court the two had met earlier in the evening through mutual friends.

"They were having a few drinks with a group of friends and at some stage during the evening the man told her she was beautiful," she said.

"She told him she was married and was not interested in any type of relationship.

"As the party started to wind down the man offered her a ride home when her lift did not turn up."

Ms Dennis said the woman agreed to being dropped home.

"The man dropped off another two friends first before proceeding to head towards where the woman lived," she said.

"On the way he suggested they go for more drinks at a nearby hotel, which she agreed to.

"They went to a hotel near where the woman lived and had some drinks and played the pokies."

Ms Dennis said things turned ugly when the woman said she wanted to go home.

"They left the hotel and on the way to the woman's home were involved in a crash," she said.

"The car was not badly damaged, and despite the woman's protests, the man continued on up the road before turning into another street.

"It was in that street that he allegedly parked the car and climbed on top of her."

Ms Dennis said nearby residents heard the woman's cries for help and went to investigate.

"When neighbours confronted the man he said the two were married and the woman was 'crazy' because he had caught her cheating on him," she said.

"He eventually fled the scene and was captured a short time later after crashing his car into a Red Rooster in the next suburb."

Ms Dennis said up to 33 witnesses will be called throughout the trial, which is expected to last three or four days.

The trial before Judge Hugh Botting continues.

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