Christina's mailbox was found in a skip bin down the street in her neighbourhood in Cooee Bay.
Christina's mailbox was found in a skip bin down the street in her neighbourhood in Cooee Bay. Harry Bruce

Community disgusted in behaviour of St Brendan's students

WHEN Christina Mcneill walked out the front of her Cooee Bay home Sunday morning, there was a letter on her car from police and her mail box was missing.

The night before the local 18-year-old had heard a group of boys walk down her street yelling, singing their football team song and behaving a bit "rowdy" but what her and her neighbours didn't realise was that a path of destruction would be left through their street the next morning.

On Saturday night some students from the St Brendan's College rugby league team celebrated a grand final win at a house party near the Cooee Bay Sporting Complex but were told by police to leave the residence and head home at around 11.30pm.


  • Cassandra RandallShould be more then apologies! Bloody clowns should do community service for the rest of the year!!
  • Dane HeinemannWasnt like this when i was there.
  • Elizabeth Cullen HoolihanContinues ... Sometime over the weekend (I live on a corner ), the street sign, the end of which was buried in concrete, was uprooted and taken away somewhere. I reported it to Council this morning and was told it was one of several in the area treated in the same way.
  • Liz BlanchAre those who think its just a letterbox offering to pay to replace & install new letterboxes?
  • Margaret BalchinLetting off steam is no excuse for vandalism or bad behaviour.
  • Chrissie DaviesCommunity service to the pple involved mowing there lawns and paying for their letterboxes might be a start not their parents paying for their transgressions that teaches nothing ..
  • Sonya MalkkiIt will be interesting how this is dealt with by the school!
  • Keith HuttonImmensely disappointing. Hooliganism needs to be dealt with seriously. I do feel confident that St Brendans will deal with this behaviour harshly but fairly.
  • Leah DarrThis is absolutely disgusting behaviour! But doesn't surprise me! Be interesting to see what the punishment will be. My son was king hit by a student last year, even lost his sight for a short period and nothing was done.

After the party was closed down it's believed some of the teenage boys went on what has been described as a "vandalism spree" that included plants, multiple mailboxes and signs being ripped out of the ground and damaged.

Christina was one of the residents in the street that took to Facebook yesterday, along with a large number of others in the area, who condemned the behaviour of the teenagers.

Grand Final party vandalism spree cartoon.
Grand Final party vandalism spree cartoon. Harry Bruce


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The mailbox found in a skip bin in Cooee Bay
The mailbox found in a skip bin in Cooee Bay

"At 7am the next day I noticed my mailbox was missing and there was a note on my car from police saying they'd be in contact with me about vandalism as they must have thought it was my party that got out of hand. I found my mail box in a skip bin down the street and every second mailbox in the street, including my nanna's, had been damaged or removed from the ground.

"They also said left a large trail of broken glass down the street. They have just trashed at least two streets in this neighbourhood in a matter of hours.

"I went around on Sunday morning locating people's mailboxes and had to door knock to let the neighbours know it wasn't my small party that got out of hand.

"It's pretty crap and disrespectful, I'm especially annoyed I got the blame for it.

"I live in a rental so now I have to go through my real estate agent to see how much a new mailbox is going to cost and so will everyone else who's property has been damaged."

Yeppoon's Officer in Charge Senior Sergeant Robert Barclay said police were called to close down the party on Saturday night that Year 12 students had attended.

Yesterday a number of players from the St Brendan's College senior rugby league team were investigated by their principal Mr Nick Scully after he had received a number of calls from residents.

"Staff at St Brendan's College are investigating the involvement of students in a series of vandalism incidents at Cooee Bay on Saturday evening following a rugby league grand final match," Mr Scully said.

"We believe some St Brendan's students may have been involved in damaging property including letter boxes and a street sign.

"It's very disappointing to find that, after a fantastic game of football, some of them and their supporters may have engaged in this sort of behaviour.

"We have high expectations of our young men at St Brendan's and the behaviour of this small group is a great let down for the majority of boys who consistently do the right thing.

"St Brendan's is an integral part of the Capricorn Coast community and we apologise for the disappointing behaviour of these boys."

Mr Scully said the school's internal investigations were being slowed down because of the exam week timetable but once the school had completed its investigations sanctions would be imposed on any boys found to be involved.

"I would expect any boy who's involved to formally apologise to those impacted," he said.

"I also want to see them making reparation for the damaged property."

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